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Changing Point: summer to fall


According to the FASHION CALENDAR, the year is divided into two: spring/summer from january to june, and fall/winter from july to december, cool! now, this is just a fashion calendar, dear mother nature decides the real dates according to each city in the world, in México city, some people can´t wait for the REAL fall to begin, all those leather Burberry boots and the trench coat collection is always charming and as the weather starts changing we can´t control the anxiety of wearing them, but then again, the summer is not over! and the remaining sun bothers together with the rainy afternoon! this makes it almost imposible to wear a skirt. . .
so, which is our only option to this sometimes hot, sometimes chilly weather?
mix and match summer with fall! don´t throw those nice floral dresses away ( I mean to the closet), keep them in your daily outfit but start combining them with fall items:

-leggins (vía blog)
-stockings and hosiery

-Thigh-Highs (vía American Apparel)

Here a quick idea:

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