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Last wednesday José Luis González presented his spring 2011 collection to the great audience of IDM, International Designers México, the true fashion week of this country.
The collection was inspired in the colors and movement of jellyfish, some sparkling greens and blues together with stamped yellows, made you feel underwater surrounded by this dangerous but beautiful animals.
I had the opportunity of being backstage helping with all the previous arrengements of the models, hair and makeup (provided by MAC), putting all shoes together and ironing clothes! let me tell you that it was a great experience! I ended up destroyed but it was totally worth it.

As for the hair: WOW! look at this true jellyfish hanging from the models head!
As for the Accesories: OMG! this crazy and creative pieces are from VICTIMO, a brand that has being on Karen O´s neck! they may seem aggressive at instance but on runway they gave this jellyfish an extraordinary touch of danger. Take a look at the site, Carlos Victimo is a mexican artist from La Paz!
As for the dresses: BEAUTIFULL and wearable! I mention this las word because I´ve seen some crazy designs that are great but I would never wear them, you need to be brave enough and crazy sometimes to do it... in this case the clothes are perfect for a cool party or for a special event where you want to look different but with style, unique and fresh dresses!
When everything was ready and it was ÊTRE´s turn I had to go and help my dear bloggers to get the seat they deserved: FRONT ROW! Alexino, Aldo and Gabriela got their space and blogged from there. Ebbanir from Coolhunter was there as well, supporting me and taking the best pictures and notes for the further article!

Im very proud of José Luis, and thankfull for the opportunity he gave me. Follow him because Im sure he is going to achieve far and succesfull goals!
He and his team are true wonderfull people with very sweet souls!

P.S. this is the outfit I wore
Skirt- ÊTRE
Tank-Pull and Bear

pics by Pedro Ceja

4 comentarios:

  1. Awww la Jenny , haciendo sus pininos en moda, cuando regrese seguro eres la directora del próximo IDM jaja... Se ve q estuvo increíble, luego me conecto a super fb chat para q me cuentes el verdadero chisme jiji.

  2. aww!! I wish!! =) gracias veraval por el comment :) cuando vemos tus artículos en la mexicana viviendo en Madrid??
    los fashion bloggers haremos algo grande juntos!! te esperamos!!

    te veo en fb chat! ;)

  3. pfff yo quería estar en el idm D':

  4. había muchas formas!! para siguiente te aviso y te anotas!!!

    (hazte fanss!!)