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Almost 3 years ago

I used to wear this headband... in my head.  
Now? Well. No longer.

Yesterday I was in my pijamas when I suddenly decided to do something "usefull" with this headband that stopped working right after that party you see up there. 
Yes, three years after, we do this
 You need needle and thread, chains and a pin
 I saw a little pin into the (broken) headband in both sides
 Cut the chain with the length you prefer and attach the other part of the clip
 Finally, saw a clip at the back
 voilá! you have a shoulder pad 
And a statement necklace :) 

6 comentarios:

  1. hOLA- ME gusta tu remake, de las dos maneras=) very wise grasshopper- besitos nena

  2. Estas increible!!! Eres la mejor!

  3. Lo usaste en Milán en la festa di Carnavale al Le banque

  4. excelente diy!!! se va para pinterest!!!